The Catholic Community of Kuwait with a mission to advocate and promote the spiritual welfare of Catholics in Kuwait was formed in 1972. KMCA was meant to gather all Catholics of Kuwait irrespective of their Rites to form a Unity movement. Since its inception, KMCA went through serious programs in the true spirit of Catholic faith and Love of God. It comprises representations from Syro Malabar Rite, Syro Malankara and Latin Rites of Kerala State. The patron of KMCA is HE. Bishop Camillo Ballin MCCJ and our Spiritual Leader Rev. Fr. Mathews Kunnelpurayidom OCD. Various groups and major activities of KMCA are being highlighted below.


Mary Matha Women's Wing
The formation of Mary Matha Women's Wing intended to make the group of Family Women an inspirational team of ladies representing all rites and areas of Kuwait. They volunteer their time, energy and generosity across a wide section of Society, in a diversity of activities. The skills and experience of our Ladies Wing participants, improve the lives of many individuals and through their dedicated and unconditional Love, families are touched by God?s Love, as they quietly go about their work.


Youth Wing
The young zealots of KMCA played a significant role as the Youth Wing of KMCA in various activities and the organizational capacities of our growing buds are Il software del nostro online casinos online puo essere completamente rimosso dal pc seguendo le indicazioni alla pagina disinstallazione. being exposed widely through their Carol visits. They contribute to the charity works of KMCA thereby supporting gathering funds for educational scholarships for poor children of high merits, in Kuwait and in Kerala. KMCA feels proud of unfortunate children being brought to the main stream of studies despite the fact that their smartness and talents would have been washed away by poverty and social discrimination.


KMCA Returnees Form
The members of KMCA continue to work for the cause even after they return from Kuwait on the platform of a Returnees Form now controlling the activities in Kerala. The experience they gain from the deserts of Gulf makes them impart sincere and dedicated service to the community of Kerala irrespective of the diversities prevailing there. It was formed in the year 1997 and presided over by Mr. James Vadassery.


KARUNYA Harvest Festivals
Serving the world of the needy was our mission since its formation. But a mass movement of the entire Catholic Community steered in 1981 with the ?Harvest Festival? dedicated to providing care to unfortunate brethren in India as well people around us. The Returnees Form steers the distribution of funds to the Children for education and the local distribution team manages the funds to other sectors of help like, Medical, Traveling to home countries, Marriage, House projects, supporting the Orphans etc. The enthusiasm and support from all fractions of catholic community are in an increasing mode and becoming a real festival for the expatriate community in Kuwait. Our vision is to care for and work together to achieve Catholic Unity and to serve the poor.

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